TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing

TPO Roof Repair Company in Los Angeles

TPO stands for thermoplastic Polyolefin which is a single ply roofing membrane
which is reflective. It is made from a combination of ethylene-propylene and
polypropylene. This type of roofing is installed on many commercial buildings by either
mechanical attachment or full adhesion.

TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Thermoplastic means that it
becomes plastic upon heating and hardens upon cooling, and this is
how it seals at the seams. A hot air welder is used to heat the
membrane above and below, turning it to plastic and making it
moldable. While it is still plastic, a roller is used to fuse the top and
bottom membranes together, forming the watertight seam, typically 1
½” wide if done by robot or 2″ wide if done by hand. No matter which
option is chosen below the membrane, this is how all TPO roofs are
sealed at the seams.

TPO is typically sold in thicknesses of 45 mil, 60 mil and 90 mil. In
Indiana, we typically see 45 mil and 60 mil specified. The thicker the
membrane, the better the long term durability. For example, if the
owner expects workers to routinely service rooftop mechanical units, a
thicker roof membrane should be considered.

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